The competition

Solar Decathlon

House demonstration units with very high environmental performance

The Solar Decathlon is an international university competition organized since 2002 and initiated by the Department of Energy of the United States government.

This competition was created with the aim of developing the transmission of knowledge and research in the field of renewable energies and in particular solar energy applied to the habitat. The objective is to have multidisciplinary university teams design and build twenty or so very high environmental performance housing demonstrators that use the sun as their sole source of energy.

Over the years, the solar decathlon has become a major media event, attracting several hundred thousand visitors, and has established itself as the leading international competition in the field of sustainable housing.


Since 2010, this event has found a global resonance as there are now bi-annual editions in Europe, Africa, Asia, the Middle East, South America and the USA.

150 000 to over 300 000 visitors! 

education & Social awareness

In a spirit similar to that of universal exhibitions, the objective of the competition is to show the general public the tangible results of ongoing research on the development of the territory and habitat of tomorrow.

At the same time, it is a question of training the new generations of designers to imagine the inhabited space by taking into account all its aspects, as well on the energy level as on the cultural, social and economic level.


the 10 contests of the competiton

Jurys (subjective)

Architecture | 120

Engineering & Construction | 120

Accessibility & Viability | 100

Communication, Education & Social Awareness | 80

Sustainability | 100

Mobility | 80

Innovation | 100

Monitoring (objective)

House Functionning | 80

Comfort | 100

Energy Performance | 120





SDE 21/22 to Wuppertal !

The next edition of the solar decathlon europe will take place in 2022 in germany in the city of wuppertal. For the first time, the organizers propose to deal exclusively with the issue of regeneration of existing buildings. Thus, by June 2022, the 18 teams selected will all be working on the issue of the renovation of existing buildings.


Visit the SDE21/22 website