From Armadillo Box to the new demonstrator!

“Re-use is an alternative to raw material extraction and landfill. It limits transport times and encourages a better distribution of the added value of a building site.” Bellastock

In this context of dwindling resources, it is time to reconsider our way of building. For this edition, the AuRA team wants to valorize what is already existing.

Bellastock, which is a reference in terms of reuse, is accompanying us for this new edition of Solar Decathlon Europe. The co-director Mathilde Billet came to train us to develop a library of materials.


The Armadillo Box, designed and built by the AuRA team won 4th place at the Solar Decathlon 2010 in Madrid. This demonstrator was stored aux Grands Ateliers, serving as meeting room or living room. Unfortunately vandalism and bad weather has weakened it so it was decided to dismantle it to recover many materials in good condition.

The Collective of young architects En Dehors Des Clous then carried out the selective deconstruction of the Armadillo Box.

Watch the video of the dismantling:


This allows us to start a library of materials for the future publishing demonstrator in Wuppertal! Have a look on few examples:

Photos by ©En Dehors Des Clous