En Dehors des Clous : Our strength is “doing things together” !

En Dehors des Clous is an architecture collective, born from the gathering of graduated friends from Grenoble and Lyon Schools of Architecture, members of Team AuRA 2016.

We decided to act for a sustainable and resilient society with what we learned during our studies: think and design with the actors involved in the territory, be active on a construction site, and use natural and sustainable resources.

Our strength is “doing things together”. Teamwork drives our desire to build sustainably, and gives us opportunities to face today’s environmental challenges.

We tend to work with many different actors involved in construction and planning, bringing multiple points of view to the design team. The more diverse are the actors involved, the best are the projects that come out of our minds.

En Dehors des Clous’ way of thinking is based on cooperation, interdisciplinarity and the use and reuse of local materials with low environmental footprint.

We work on two main fields of action:

– Urban design, landscape, architectural and artistic projects, which promotes local and resilient ways of building through local constructive cultures ;

– Raising awareness of knowledge, diverse points of views and other interesting skills, in a constant search for a collective intelligence.